How To Remove Shortcut Virus From Laptop?

remove shortcut virus, how to remove shortcut virus

External storage devices such as pendrives (USB drive), hard disks, SD Cards or Flash drives are very commonly used to transfer our information from 1 computer to another.

Occasionally, once we join these external storage devices to an infected computer and move any file, an anonymous malware automatically deletes them and we’ll find an error message to open any file. This malware is called ‘Shortcut Virus’ which converts every file into dictionary.

remove shortcut virus, how to remove shortcut virus

Shortcut Virus is a malware that propagates through flash drives, the world wide web, third party applications, etc and creates a replica of your original files and folders. That means, when you click these files to start, the shortcut virus multiplies itself also installs some more virus and malicious applications.

The logic behind your folder becoming shortcuts is that this virus hides your original folders/files in the same removable media and generates the dictionary with the same name. This shortcut virus is so smart that even the majority of the Mobile antivirus Software is unable to find it. Or should somehow they detect it or delete it, it somehow manages to recover itself.

Look for the procedure exe or some other similar process and right-click then pick ‘End Task.’

Look for the registry key “odwcamszas.exe” and right-click then select It is possible that you won’t find the exact same key but look for junk values that don’t do anything.

Reboot your PC to save changes.

Ideas to Avoid Shortcut Virus

Unfortunately, not all of the antivirus can detect this type of virus. So the best thing you could do is to make a habit not to open your portable devices or external apparatus via autorun or by “my computer”.

Otherwise, just disable Autorun, Thus that Pendrive will not operate automatically. Open your hard disk or hard disk by right-clicking it, then click on explore or type its drive in the windows address bar to prevent any script from running.

  • Scan for virus and then utilize the Pendrive
  • Don’t use Pendrive in Public PC’s
  • Do not use Harmful websites
  • Keep your Antivirus up to date